Why Consider a Constructed Wetland on Your Property?

A constructed wetland is a type of wetland that is created or manmade for cleaning and filtering the environment around it. A property owner can create a constructed wetland by introducing a water feature and certain plants that are effective at this filtering; it can be as large or as small as you'd like and can offer many advantages over other types of filters. Note a few reasons to consider a constructed wetland on your property.

1. It typically doesn't need maintenance

If you're concerned about hazardous runoff or other such contaminants on your property, you might install a type of filtering system that includes actual filters, pipes for directing water, pumps, and the like. However, these things need maintenance, as you need to clean or replace the filter, repair holes and damage to pipes, and maintain any type of pump. With a constructed wetland, you can design and plant the area and then only give it a sporadic check to make sure plants are healthy.

2. It treats a variety of contaminants

Trying to treat a number of contaminants with artificial chemicals can be a challenge because different chemicals and additives are often needed for various types of bacteria and damaging elements in soil. For instance, you may need to add lime to soil that is very acidic, but this can be damaging to soil that is very alkaline and dry. With a constructed wetland, various harmful elements will be filtered naturally without having to worry about adding or adjusting different chemicals for different materials in the soil.

3. More convenient and less expensive installation

To install a constructed wetland, you may only need a simple building permit for your property, whereas installing filtration systems may mean choosing materials that are up to certain building codes along with those permits. These items and accessories can also be very expensive, whereas a constructed wetland can be no more expensive than sand and certain plants. You also don't need to worry about the cost of operating a pump to get underground moisture through the wetland, as the roots of the plants act as a natural attraction for this moisture.

Note too that your neighbors are less likely to object to a constructed wetland, as it will simply look like a large pond or water feature. Adding a filtration system with pumps and pipes can mean an eyesore in your neighborhood and a problem with neighbors that you could otherwise avoid with a constructed wetland.