Signs that Your Tractor Tires Need Replacing

A good tractor is an excellent purchase for your farm. Tractors are very versatile. If you want yours to last a long time, you should ensure that it is well maintained. It's a good idea to look at the tires. Ensure that your tractor's tires are in good condition. Here are four signs that your tires need changing. 

Air Pressure 

If you are always filling the air on your tires, then there could be a problem. A tire's air pressure is essential to the way that the vehicle functions. If your tractor tires have low pressure most of the time, the tractor will not do its job well.

Farm work takes place in both wet and dry conditions. If you have air pressure problems with your tires during the rainy season, you could have an accident. Low tire pressure increases friction and causes the tires to blow out. That can be dangerous for you and those working with you. Visit the tire centre and buy new tires for your tractor. 

Dry Rot 

You use your tractor all year round. Exposure to the elements will slowly weaken the tires. With the changing seasons, the materials that make up the tires can change slightly. Even when in the shed for a long time, tire damage still occurs. Sunlight and dry air will cause the tractor tire to crack. That is dry rot. When this happens, the tires cannot do their job effectively. It would be best if you replaced them.

Worn Tread 

You should check the condition of your tractor tires regularly. Over time, the tread on wheels wears out. It is very dangerous, especially in wet conditions. A worn tread can cause tires to lose traction and slip while you are working. It is easy to tell when your tractor tires have lost traction. Wheel slippage can easily cause an accident, so you should replace your tires. 

Tread Separation 

This a common problem with tires. Tread separation occurs when the tread separates from the rest of the tire. It starts as a wavy line on the tire. If that happens to your tractor tires, you can quickly lose control of the tractor and get severely injured. Ensure that you replace tires immediately you notice tire separation beginning.  


Your farm work relies heavily on your tractor tires. Ensure that you check them regularly to ensure they are in the best possible condition.   

For more information on taking care of your tractor, such as a Solis 90 tractor, contact an agricultural equipment supplier.